This stove is made out of thick 1/8" steel and has a large firebox so it will last a long time between reloading. You can watch the fire from the 4X8" window. It has a traditional chrome coil spring handle so the door can be opened and closed without having to wear gloves. It is designed to be used with 6" stove pipe. This stove is not rated for residental use. This stove needs to be installed at least 36" from a combustible material. This distance can be reduced by 2/3 if a heat shield is used.


Overall Stove Dimensions:

Height: 20”

Depth: 17”

Width: 13.5”


Fire Box Dimensions:

Height: 12”

Depth: 15”

Width: 11.5”


Flu Diameter: 6”

Stove Weight: 38lbs

Max Log Length: 15”

Stove Material: 1/8” Cold Rolled Steel

Square Footage: 200-400sqft

Fuel: Dry Wood

Certifications: None

Country of Origin: United States of America

All returns will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Buyer to pay for shipping item back.

The Woodsman Stove